Schedule a Trip or VOLUNTEER for a trip

We have 2 pontoons. One is on a lift at Kruger’s Creek on the east side of Lake Le Homme Dieu. The other is on a trailer and can be used at various lakes in the area.

All information will be listed on the calendar. Specific information with regard to the organization guests, trip captain and assistant volunteers, the times for the trips, the lake on which the trip will be scheduled and whether for excursions or fishing will be available on the calendar.

You may also call the scheduler, Sharon at 320-766-3509,  or Jim at 320-763-6698, or Dave at 320-219-0953, or Dale at 320-760-9737

  1. Register and Sign up for a trip
  2. Fill out the forms (Guest Boarding Pass and Institutional Waiver)
  3. Have fun and share your story